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For Institution

Apply for the following parameters and configure them as required before access.

  • 1Apply for APPID

    The product system of WeChat Pay is established based on the social system of WeChat. A WeChat social carrier is thus a must for any direct-connected merchant or institution for using WeChat Cross-Border Pay. The ID corresponding to the carrier is the APPID.

    Currently, the social carrier for an institution must be an Official Account. Visit the link below to apply for an Official Account: Official Account Application Guide

    After the Official Account has been applied for, the institution can obtain its APPID under "Development" > "Basic Configuration" > "Official Account development information" on the Official Accounts platform, as shown in the following figure. Generally, only one Official Account is required for one institution.

  • 2Apply for mch_id

    The mch_id is the recipient account number. The operation of applying for mch_id is independent from that of the APPID, so both might be performed concurrently. Visit the link below to apply for mch_id: Merchanat ID Application Guide

    After the mch_id has been applied for, the institution will receive a notification email specifying the applied mch_id, login user name, and password to be kept safely.

    Note: Each mch_id corresponds to only one settlement currency. To use multiple currencies for settlement, apply for multiple mch_id to match the currencies.

  • 3Link APPID with mch_id

    After applying for both parameters, link APPID with mch_id.

    Log in to the WeChat Pay Merchants Platform and select Dev Configuration on the top tab to enter the linking page. If the linking failed, contact the corresponding BD or assistant for help.

    In the institution mode, an APPID can be linked with more than one mch_id, while a mch_id can be linked to only one APPID.

    See the following example for better understanding:

    APPID, as a social carrier, is like an individual person.

    mch_id, as a recipient account number, is like a bank account.

    A person can have multiple bank accounts, while a bank account belongs to only one person.

  • 4Register sub-merchants

    After completing the operations above, an institution may register sub-merchants.

    Log in to the WeChat Pay Merchants Platform and open the Institution page to register sub-merchants. Alternatively, use the related API for sub-merchant registration.

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