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Store Run on PC Web

A large number of merchants nowadays operate their business via online stores, such as cross-border e-commerce platforms. WeChat Pay also provides a variety of access solutions to meet the needs of merchants in various online store scenarios.

Scenario Description

Since there is no native WeChat app for PC, payments initiated on PC websites are still completed in the WeChat app in the end.

We provide the Native Payment mode for PC website access needs.

Native payment refers to the institution carrying order information to request WeChat payment. The WeChat system will generate a pre-payment order and return a dynamic QR code link code_url to the institution. The institution can generate a QR code based on the content of the code_url for the user to scan to complete the payment.

When users need to pay on the PC website of a merchant, the merchant generates an order and transfers it to the institution on the backend. The institution then requests WeChat Pay with the order information to obtain the URL for a dynamic QR code. After obtaining the URL, the institution returns it to the merchant, and a QR code based on the URL will be generated and displayed on the PC website for users to scan and pay. After users complete their payment, the merchant will obtain the order status from payment callback information or order query and the result will be displayed on the PC website, as shown below:

Parameter Configuration

In this scenario, no extra parameter configuration is needed. The institution only needs to apply for the required parameters and configure development parameters by referring to Parameters needs to be applied, API key configuration and Certificate configuration.


In this payment scenario, the synchronization of payment result depends on payment callback and order query. Refer to Callback verification and Query logic introduction for details. Before and after a payment is made, the payment status must be synced on the PC website.

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