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Selecting Access Mode

Before access, merchants/institutions should first identify the applicable access mode of the regions where their companies are registered. WeChat Cross-Border Pay currently supports two access modes: direct mode and institution mode.

In the direct mode, merchants may connect directly with the WeChat Cross-Border Pay API, and WeChat Pay settles the transaction funds to merchants. This access mode is currently only available in Hong Kong, Singapore, and the UK. For details about the access procedure and qualification requirements for this mode, visit Direct Connected Application Guide. Due to uncontrollability of overseas acquiring strategies in the future, it is recommended that merchants choose the institution mode. Follow the instructions below to contact a local qualified institution for WeChat Pay access: Merchant Guide

In the institution mode, an institution refers to a local bank, or an organization or company with acquiring qualification. In this mode, the institutions connect with the WeChat Pay API and provide it for merchants after secondary encapsulation. WeChat Pay will settle the transaction funds to the institutions, and the institutions will then settle the funds to the merchants. As a mainstream integration method, this mode is now available in all regions that are compliant with WeChat Cross-Border Pay. For specific access procedures and qualification requirements, visit Institution Application Guide.

Choose the access mode based on actual conditions and requirements in your country or region.

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