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WeChat Pay Development and Access Instructions

System Design
Reasonable Query Mechanism
Callback Verification
Closed-loop Transactions
Complete Refund Logic
Precautions for Development
Important Parameters
API Rules
Precautions Before Business Launch
Business Connectivity
Settlement And Reconciliation

Business connectivity

Before getting WeChat Pay online, Institution should firstly test whether the accessing node is the best one and wehther the network is stable.

Select a request domain name

WeChat provides two accessible request domain names:

  • 1

    api.mch.weixin.qq.com: mainly serves institutions with servers deployed in mainland China.

  • 2

    apihk.mch.weixin.qq.com: mainly serves institutions with servers deployed outside of mainland China.

Institutions can select either of the two based on where their server is deployed. Institutions are also advised to configure the other unselected domain name as the alternative. In this case, if the primary domain name fails, the alternative can be automatically used to ensure stable and continuous business operation.

Locate problems that cause timeout

Due to long cross-border request links and complicated network conditions, network request timeout may occur occasionally in an institution’s daily business operations.

In case of a timeout, we suggest running the following commands to locate the issue and send the result to our technical support personnel for internal analysis:

for i in {1..100};do curl -so /dev/null -w "DNS_lookup:%{time_namelookup}, TCP_handshake:%{time_connect}, SSL_handshake:%{time_appconnect}, TTFB:%{time_starttransfer}, Total:%{time_total}\n" "https://apihk.mch.weixin.qq.com/pay/orderquery" --proxy http://{your-proxy} ;done

Change the test address to your actual domain name.

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