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WeChat Pay Development and Access Instructions

System Design
Reasonable Query Mechanism
Callback Verification
Closed-loop Transactions
Complete Refund Logic
Precautions for Development
Important Parameters
API Rules
Precautions Before Business Launch
Business Connectivity
Settlement And Reconciliation

Closed-loop Transactions

Business scenario:

Close-loop control must be performed on each order created by the institution/merchant via WeChat Pay, ensuring that its final status is SUCCESS, CLOSED, or REVOKED.


For Quick Pay, if the synced returned result indicates a non-SUCCESS status, or no result is received due to network errors, polling is required for order query. If the order remains in a non-SUCCESS status after the order query timeout, the order must be revoked.

Even though WeChat Pay will automatically revoke orders not paid within 45s after creation, the institution/merchant is still advised to proactively call the Revoke API.

For other payment modes, round-robin call to the query API should be initiated if no callback is returned within the configured period of time. Similarly, if the order remains in a non-SUCCESS status after the query timeout, the order must be closed.

Note: In some extreme cases, a user may complete the payment between the last order query and the call to the Revoke API, resulting in an API call failure. Exception handling for such cases must be considered.

If an order has been marked as failed by the merchant/institution system, the Refund API must be called to roll back the transaction.

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