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In-App Payment

Module Name Feature List Description
Guide Use Case In-App Payment Product introduction
Development Guide In-App Payment Development Guide
Public API Call Payment from APP Call Payment API from APP
Unified Order The Merchant’s backend calls this API to create an advance transaction in the WeChat payment service backend
Query Order This API allows inquiry of all payment orders made from WeChat.
Close Order This API needs to be called before a merchant wants to create a new order due to the Payer failing to pay for an order. The original order will be closed in order to avoid repeat payment.
Submit Refund The Merchant can refund the Payer via this API.
Query Refund After submitting Submit Refund, this API can be called to check the refund status.
Download Reconciliation File This API is used to help the Merchants download their transaction record history including missing orders.
Payment Result Notification After completing a payment, the WeChat payment system will send the relevant payment result and user information to the Merchant.
Report Speed Testing This API is used to assist the Merchants in improving overall service quality when they call the WeChat payment APIs.
Querying Settled Funds This API helps query the details of settled funds.
Query Exchange Rate The interface could inquiry the exchange rate which Wechat Payment used in real time.

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