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Use Case

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This method is applicable to WeChat payments integrated by merchants into mobile apps.

The Merchant's app calls the SDK provided by WeChat to use the WeChat payment module, and redirects to WeChat to pay a transaction. After completing the transaction, the WeChat reopens the merchant's app and a page containing the payment result is displayed.

At present, WeChat supports iOS, Android and Windows Phone.

About the detailed In-App Payment , please refer to Product introduction

Detailed steps are as below:

Step 1:Payer enters the Merchant's app, selects products and confirms the transaction to proceed with payment. The Merchant’s service backend creates a payment order and signs it, and relevant data is transferred to the Merchant's app, as shown in Figure 9.1.

Step 2:The Payer clicks to confirm the payment and which opens the payment page within WeChat to pay for the order, as shown in Figure 9.2.

Step 3:The Payer confirms the payee and the amount, and clicks to pay. A page is then displayed that prompts the Payer to enter their payment password. The Payer can select to pay with a bank card or via Balance, as shown in Figure 9.3.

Figure 9.1 Example of Merchant's
app screen

Figure 9.2 Redirect to the payment
page within WeChat

Figure 9.3: Payer enters their
payment password

Step 4:The Payer enters their payment password to complete the transaction. If paid successfully, a page containing the payment result is displayed on the payer's WeChat, as shown in Figure 9.4.

Step 5:The page reopens the Merchant's app, which will show the order process result based on payment results.

Figure 9.4 Prompt after successful payment

Figure 9.5 Prompt for reopening the merchant's app

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