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Use Case

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The Payer scans a QR Code shown by merchants in the following process.

About the detailed QR Code Payment , please refer to Product Introduction

Step 1:The Merchant creates a QR Code for their orders correspondingly based on WeChat payment rules, as shown in Figure 7.1.

Step 2:The Payer scans the QR Code with their WeChat to access the Merchant’s product data and proceeds with the transaction, as shown in Figure 7.2. The Payer then makes their payment as instructed, as shown in Figure 7.3.

Figure 7.1 Payment QR Code Figure 7.2 Scan QR Code on WeChat Figure 7.3 Confirm Payment

Step 3:The Payer confirms their transaction and enters their payment password, as shown in Figure 7.4.

Step 4:The Payer is prompted of a successful payment after completing their payment, as shown in Figure 7.5. The Merchant delivers the paid products to the Payer after receiving a notification about the successful payment.

Figure 7.4: Enter Payment Password

Figure 7.5 Prompt after Successful Payment

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