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Use Case

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About the detailed Quick Pay, please refer to Product Introduction

Step 1:After logging in to WeChat, the Payer enters “Quick Pay” in "Me"->"Wallet", as shown in Figure 6.1;

Step 2:Cashier creates a transaction order and the Payer confirms the payment amount displayed on the point of sale terminal;

Step 3:Cashier scans barcode or QR code shown by the Payer into the point of sale terminal and the transaction order is submitted to the transaction system on a WeChat payment server;

Step 4:After the payment request is received by the transaction system, the transaction system determines whether the Payers' payment password must be verified. If the payment password is not required, the payment is made directly. Otherwise, the Payer is prompted to enter their password, as shown in Figure 6.2. If the payment is successful, the Payers will see a ‘successful payment’ message in WeChat, as shown in Figure 6.3; and if the payment fails, a payment error page will be displayed instead.

Note: The WeChat barcodes are constructed with 18 numbers, with the start value of 10, 11, 12, 13, 14 or 15. Barcodes with 10-14 are for the China mainland users, while barcodes with 15 are for the China Hong Kong users, who cannot use WeChat cross-border pay.

Figure 6.1 Quick Pay

Figure 6.2 Confirm Payment

Figure 6.3 Successful Payment

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