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Terms Definition


1. WeChat Official Account Admin Platform

The WeChat Official Account Admin Platform serves as the application entry and management platform for official accounts. Using this platform, merchants can submit their basic information, business data and financial information for enabling WeChat payment.

    URL: http://mp.weixin.qq.com

2. WeChat Open Platform

The WeChat Open Platform serves as the entry point for a merchants' app to access to the WeChat payment open API. Using this platform, merchants can apply for WeChat in-app payment.

    URL: http://open.weixin.qq.com

3. WeChat Merchant Platform

The WeChat Merchant Platform serves as the functional hub for merchant features related to WeChat payment, including parameter settings, payment data query and statistics, online refunds, mobile coupon management, and other features.

    URL: https://pay.weixin.qq.com/index.php/public/wechatpay_en

4. WeChat Payment System

The WeChat Payment System is the generic term for the backend services processing system for APIs, account system, and the callback notification system for the WeChat payment process.

5. Merchant Point of Sale Terminal

The Merchant Point of Sale Terminal refers to the POS system commonly used by a cashier that helps record product data, create orders, assist the Payer's payment and print the transaction bill. When integrating with WeChat payment, this system requires the development and testing of a POS system.

6. Merchant Backend System

The Merchant Backend System is the generic term for the Merchant's backend services processing system, and includes the Merchant's website, checkout system, purchase-sale-stock system, delivery system, and customer service system.

7. Scanner

The Scanner is used to help the Merchant's system to quickly read coding data within an image. Based on the type of image coding, the merchant can use a QR Code scanner or a bar code scanner. In terms of scanner types, there are infrared scanners and laser scanners.

8. Merchant Certificate

The Merchant Certificate is a binary file provided by WeChat, which is used as a certificate to identify the Merchant's identity when the Merchant's system initiates a request session with WeChat’s backend payment server.

9. Signature

The Merchant’s backend and the WeChat payment system create the same signature based on the same secret key and algorithm and use it to verify each other's identity. The signature algorithm is created and provided by WeChat. Commonly used signature modes are MD5, SHA1, SHA256, and HMAC.

10. Payment Password

A Payment Password is set independently by the Payer when enabling WeChat payment, and is used to confirm their payment and authorize transactions. This password is different from their WeChat password used to log in to WeChat.

11. OpenID

OpenID is used to share a user's identity to an official account, and is different between official accounts. The Merchant's backend obtains the Payer's OpenID during login authorization, payment notifications, and when calling the Query Order API. With OpenID, the system can check whether the payment-related operations are done by the same payer and send service feeds and templated messages to the Payer.

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