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Wechat Pay Application Guideline for Merchants

I.Login and Registration

1.1 Login

Please log onto the global website: https://pay.weixin.qq.com/index.php/public/wechatpay/home

Select “Join Us” on the top to start the application

Please select “International Business” if it displays the domestic website

1.2 Apply

Please select the accurate “country or region” which could be searched.

Please select “Merchant” then click “Apply” to get started.

1.3 Registration

1.3.1 Please input the email address and picture verification code

1.3.2 An email would be received which contains verification code as below:

1.3.3 Copy the verification code, input it and click “Next”

Please click “resend code”if the code cannot be received.

Please click “switch the email address”to apply change the email address.

1.3.4 The application history could be displayed and checked in the list.

Click “+Apply”to start the application.

II. Information upload and Application

2.1 Please input the information as requested:

Merchant legal name: The merchant legal name should be the same as in the registration document.

Registered Country or Region: The registered country or region should be the same as in the registration document.

Registration Address: The registration address should be the same as in the registration document.

CI documents: Please upload the certificate of incorporation including certificate number,valid date and scanned document.

BRC documents: BRC document is only required for Hong Kong while the institutions in other countries and regions could upload the CI materials.

UBO: Please download the template and fulfill it as required. If the merchant is quoted company, please upload the Declaration of Listed Parent Company. As supplementary documents, the information of management team is requested to upload.

Abbreviated Company Name: TThe abbreviated name of the institution.

Supplementary Documents: Please upload other supplementray documents.

Legal Representative: Please input the accurate legal representative information such as name,ID information, etc.

Primaray contact information: Please input the accurate contact information. If it is not legal representative, please select“others”and upload the authorization letter as required.

Bank information: Please input the accurate bank settlement information as required.

2.2 Information Submission

After all the information is uploaded and checked,please select:


“Next” to information confirmation

After scanning the information confirmation, please click”Confirm” to submit:

The application is going to be reviewed after the submission:

III. Review the Result

3.1 Successful Application

The institution which applied successfully will receive an email as below, click the link to start sign online contract:

Click the email link to open the signing page:

Please tick “I agree”to sign the contract.

3.2 Application Rejected

If the application is rejected, please log in to the account and check the reasons.

After the information updating, please submit it again.

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