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Rules on Applying for and Using Test Merchant ID of Weixin Pay

The following management rules are formulated in accordance with the Regulations for Foreign Exchange Business of Payment Institutions in order to comply with laws, regulations, and requirements of regulatory authorities that payment institutions shall examine and verify the authenticity and legitimacy of parties conducting the payment transactions, regulate cross-border merchants' applications for the use of test merchant IDs, and continuously control and monitor the risks in test merchant ID management.

(1) Requirements for applying for test merchant IDs

When a Weixin Pay service provider and its sub-merchant or direct-connected merchant applies for test merchant IDs, the merchant names and number of merchant IDs must meet the following requirements:

Requirements Application requirements Example
Merchant name The merchant name must contain the English word "test" or Chinese word "测试" and comply with the required format: merchant name-test. “Tenpay Payment Technology Co., Ltd.-test”
Number of merchant IDs The number of test merchant IDs for the each service provider should not exceed 5.
The number of test merchant IDs for the same direct-connected merchant should not exceed 5.
The number of test merchant IDs for the same sub-merchant should not exceed 2.


Prohibit unscheduled and unrestricted applications to open test merchant ID.

Test merchant IDs must not be transferred, rented, purchased or sold.

(2) Merchant ID management

We will manage the test merchant IDs, including adjusting the payment limits of test merchant IDs, and regularly disposing of the test merchant IDs which do not have any transactions for a long period of time :

Requirements Management measures
Payment limit For test merchant ID, the daily payment which can be made by a single user is limited to RMB 100.
Regular disposal We will regularly check and close the test merchant IDs that have been registered for over one year but have no transactions within the past year.

(3) Risk control

We will continuously monitor test merchant IDs that fail to meet the above rules, and take risk control measures accordingly:

Risks Risk control measures
Invalid merchant name Disable the paymentfunction
Excess merchant IDs Disable the payment function Close excess test merchant IDs in reverse chronological order of from the time which the merchant ID was created ,i.e. close the most recently opened accounts first.
Merchant IDs not for self-use Disable the payment function

(4) Special needs

In the event of special business needs, if the test merchant IDs for which Weixin Pay service provider and its sub-merchant or direct-connected merchant plans to apply for are outside of the above-mentioned guidelines, they need to inform our corresponding contact person of such needs by writing an email in advance. The test merchant IDs can be applied for after the request is approved by us.

This specification is effective immediately. Test merchant IDs that do not meet the above requirements will be closed on June 30, 2021. To avoid any testing disruptions, please apply for opening a test merchant ID in strict accordance with the above specifications and guidelines.

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