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Management Specifications for Using WeChat Pay and Related Brands for Publicity

Dear Partners,

WeChat Pay and WeChat-related brands are protected by the laws and regulations and the brands belong to Tenpay Payment Technology Co., Ltd.(hereinafter refereed as “Tenpay”). However, there have been some cases recently in which some partners and merchants use WeChat Pay and related brands for their publicity, without the permission of Tenpay or WeChat Pay. We hereby promulgate the specifications for the use of WeChat Pay and the brands related to WeChat, Tencent and Tenpay. Each partner shall make publicity by strictly abiding by the specifications.

Publicity will be deemed as violation if it involves one of the following situations or more.

1. WeChat Pay or related brands are used for publicity without the permission of Tenpay or WeChat Pay;

2. There are malicious deeds in publicity which may cause damage to the brands and images of Tenpay and its affiliates; making publicity by counterfeiting WeChat Pay or its related brands, or slandering or maliciously falsifying the product brands and images of Tenpay and its affiliates; denigrating WeChat Pay and its staff or the business personnel of other service providers;

3. There is exaggerated, false, guaranteed or absolute description in publicity.

In case of any violation, WeChat Pay will take the following measures.

1. In case of any of the above-mentioned violation, WeChat Pay will send a formal notice of warning and rectification through the official e-mail address of WeChat Pay for overseas business “wxpayglobal@tencent.coml;

2. Where a partner fails to correct the publicity or withdraw the script during the period of rectification, WeChat Pay will take punitive measures which includes but not limited to making public the violation of the institution, stopping the examination of submitted application materials, setting payment limits and suspending its payment authority.

Review procedure for using WeChat Pay and related brands for publicity

1. Send the publicity script and information about release channels to the official e-mail address of WeChat Pay for overseas business “wxpayglobal@tencent.com, with the subject consisting of "[Publicity Review] Partner + Merchant + News Title".

2. WeChat Pay will feedback within 1-3 business days in China through e-mail. Please make publicity and release the script in accordance with the requirements specified in our replied e-mail.

Special Note:

If there is any inconsistency between the Specifications and the WeChat Pay Cross-border Payment Service Agreement (the “Agreement”) to be or has been entered by and between Tenpay and a WeChat Pay Institution, the Agreement shall prevail.

Thank you for your support and cooperation.

WeChat Pay Overseas Business Team

March 13, 2018

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