QR Code Payment

The Vendor generates a transaction QR Code according to the WeChat Payment Protocol and the Chinese Payer goes to "Scan QR Code" in their WeChat in order to complete payment.

This mode is applicable to payments made on websites, physical stores, media advertising, or other scenarios.

ApplyQR Code Payment

In-App Web-based PaymentCase introduction

  • Use Wechat scan QR Code
  • Confirm Pay
  • Enters password
  • Payment successful

QR Code PaymentSettlement

1. Supported currencies


2. Settlement Model

Settlement per amount:The minimum amount of transfer to Merchant by Tenpay is 800 USD or its equivalent in other currencies. If the settlement payment to Merchant is less than 800 USD or its equivalent in other currencies in any settlement period, such settlement payment will not be remitted to Merchant and will be accrued to the next settlement period.

Settlement Period: Settlement shall be made based on T+1, which means a transaction on T day shall be settled on T+1 (in case of a statutory public holiday at the place where Tenpay is located, settlement shall be made on the day following the statutory public holiday).

The Handling Fee of Transfer shall be shared between the Parties, means that the Handling Fee for transfer of settlement payment receivables by Merchant from the PRC banks to a foreign bank shall be borne by Tenpay, and all other charges such as the costs of intermediary banks or receiving banks shall be borne by Merchant.