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Refund Notification API

Latest update time:2020.04.30 Release notes

After completing refund, the WeChat payment system will send the refund result to the Merchant.


1. The same notification may be sent to the merchant system for multiple times. The merchant system must be able to process repeated notifications properly. It is recommended that when a notification is received and processed, check the status of the corresponding business data first, and then analyze whether it is processed. If not, then process it; if yes, return the processed result. Before the status check and process of business data, perform concurrent control of these data with data locks to avoid data corruption caused by reentrant functions.

2. If the wechat pay callback is not received after all notification frequencies (4 hours), the merchant need to call the 【Query Order API】to confirm the order status.

Note: The merchant system must perform signature verification for the refund result notification, and verify whether the returned refund amount is consistent with that on the merchant side to prevent any possible capital loss caused by "false notifications" due to data leakage.

API Intro

Request URL: The URL is set by the parameter notify_url submitted in [Refund Application] and the https protocol is required. If the URL cannot be accessed, the merchant will not receive any WeChat notifications. The URL must be directly accessible without any parameters. For example: notify_url: https://pay.weixin.qq.com/wxpay/123456789

Applicable object:Common modeInstitutional mode

Notification Rules

After the refund status changes, WeChat will send the refund results to the merchant.

When notifying the interaction to the backend, if the response received by WeChat is unsuccessful or timeout, WeChat considers it as a notification failure and will send it again by following certain strategies to maximize the success rate, but WeChat does not guarantee a successful notification. (Notification rate: 15/15/30/180/1800/1800/1800/1800/3600 in seconds).

Notification Message

For refund result notifications, access the notification URL set up by the merchant with the `POST` method, and the notification data is transmitted through the request body (BODY) in the `JSON` format. The notification data contains the details of the encrypted refund result.

The procedure of how to decrypt the notification data is described as follows.

1、Obtain the merchant's notification key from the merchant platform, and record it as `key`.

2、Obtain the corresponding parameters `nonce` and `associated_data` for the algorithm described in `resource.algorithm` (which is `AEAD_AES_256_GCM`).

3、Decrypt the ciphertext `resource.ciphertext` with `key`, `nonce`, and `associated_data`, to obtain the resource objects in the Json format.

Note: For the information on the API of the algorithm `AEAD_AES_256_GCM`, see rfc5116. The length of the `key` used for WeChat Pay is 32 bytes, the length of the random string `nonce` is 12 bytes, and the length of the `associated_data` is less than 16 bytes or may be zero.

Request Parameters

Name Variable Name Type Required Description
Notification ID id string(32) Yes The unique notification ID
Notification creation time create_time string(64) Yes Notification creation time, in RFC3339 format
Notification type event_type string(32) Yes Notification type:
REFUND.SUCCESS: Notification on a successful refund
REFUND.CLOSED:Notification on a closed refund
Brief description of notification summary string(16) Yes Brief description of notification
Notification data type resource_type string(32) Yes The type of the notification resource data. The type of resource data for the refund notification is encrypt-resource.
+ Notification data resource object Yes Resource data of a notification
Name Variable Name Type Required Description
Encryption algorithm type algorithm string(32) Yes The algorithm that encrypts the refund result data. Only AEAD_AES_256_GCM is supported.
Object type before encryption original_type string(32) Yes Object type before the encryption. The type of refund notification is refund.
Data ciphertext ciphertext string(1048576) Yes The ciphertext of the refund result encoded with Base64
Additional data associated_data string(16) No Additional data
Random string nonce string(32) Yes The random string used for encryption

Notification Signature

Encryption does not guarantee that the notification request comes from wechat pay. Wechat pay will sign the notification sent to the merchant and put the signature value in the Wechatpay-Signature of Notification's HTTP header. The merchant should verify the signature to confirm that the request is from wechat pay, not other third parties. For the algorithm of signature verification, please refer to 【Wechat Pay API V3 Signature Scheme

For example

Payment Success Result Notification

    "resource" : {
        "ciphertext": "...",
        "nonce": "...",
        "associated_data": ""

List of decrypted resource objects:

    "sp_mchid": "1900000100",
    "sub_mchid": "1900000109",
    "transaction_id": "1008450740201411110005820873",
    "out_trade_no": "20150806125346",
    "refund_id": "50200207182018070300011301001",
    "out_refund_no": "7752501201407033233368018",
    "refund_status": "SUCCESS",
    "success_time": "2018-06-08T10:34:56+08:00",
    "recv_account": "China Merchants Bank Credit Card 0403",
    "amount" : {
        "total": 528800,
        "currency": "HKD",
        "refund": 528800,
        "payer_total": 528800,
        "payer_refund": 528800,
        "payer_currency": "HKD",
        "exchange_rate" : {
            "type": "SETTLEMENT_RATE",
            "rate": 100000000

List of decrypted resource objects:

Name Variable Name Type Required Description
Merchant ID mchid string(32) Yes Merchant ID assigned by WeChat Pay
Note: Only forCommon mode
Institution's Merchant ID sp_mchid string(32) Yes Institution's Merchant ID assigned by WeChat Pay
Note: Only forInstitutional mode
Sub-merchant ID sub_mchid string(32) Yes Merchant ID assigned to sub-merchants by WeChat Pay
Note: Only forInstitutional mode
Merchant order No. out_trade_no string(32) Yes Returned merchant's order No.
WeChat Pay order No. transaction_id string(32) Yes WeChat Pay order No.
Merchant refund No. out_refund_no String(64) Yes Merchant refund No.
WeChat refund No. refund_id String(32) Yes WeChat refund No.
Refund status refund_status String(16) Yes Refund status:
SUCCESS:Refund successful
CLOSED:Refund closed
Refund completion time success_time string(64) No Refund completion time, which is returned when the refund status is successful in RFC3339 format.
Refund receiving account recv_account string(64) Yes Refund receiving party of the current refund order
1)Refund to bank cards:
{Bank name}{Card type}{Last numbers of the bank card}
2) Refund to the balance of the paying user:
The balance of the paying user
3)Refund to the merchant:
Merchant's basic account
Merchant's settlement bank account
4)Refund to the Mini Fund of the paying user:
The Mini Fund of the paying user
Example:China Merchants Bank Credit Card 0403
Refund source fund_source string(30) No REFUND_SOURCE_UNSETTLED_FUNDS: Refund with unsettled funds (default)
REFUND_SOURCE_RECHARGE_FUNDS:Refund with available balance
+ Amount information amount object Yes Information on the amount. For more information, see the description below.
Name Variable Name Type Required Description
Order amount total int Yes The total order amount. The minimum unit of the currency can only be an integer.
Priced currency currency string(16) Yes Three-letter code in accordance with ISO 4217.
Refund amount refund int Yes Refund amount. The minimum unit of the currency can only be an integer. The refund amount cannot exceed the original order amount. If a voucher was used, the backend will refund proportionally.
User's payment amount payer_total int Yes The actual amount paid by the user. The minimum unit of the currency can only be an integer.
Refund amount to user payer_refund int Yes The amount refunded to the user, excluding voucher amount
User payment currency payer_currency string(16) Yes Three-letter code in accordance with ISO 4217.
+ Exchange rate information exchange_rate object No The object of the exchange rate information. For more information, see the description below.
Name Variable Name Type Required Description
Exchange rate type type string(16) No When the priced currency and the payment currency are the same, type="SETTLEMENT_RATE", i.e. the exchange rate between the [real-time] priced currency and the settlement currency.
When the priced currency and the payment currency are different, type="USERPAYMENT_RATE", i.e. the exchange rate between the [original payment] priced currency and the payment currency.
Exchange rate value rate int No The rate value is the exchange rate multiplied by the 8th power of 10.
If the exchange rate is 1, then the exchange rate value is 100,000,000;
if the exchange rate is 6.5, then the exchange rate value is 650,000,000.

Returned Result

After the merchant's backend has properly processed the notification, HTTP status code 200 or 204 needs to be returned. No specific content is required for 204.For other HTTP status codes, WeChat Pay will deem the notification as a failure, and will send the notification regularly by following the aforesaid policies.

Note:If the merchant's backend fails to process a response, WeChat Pay will record the response message. It is recommended to return in the following format.

Name Variable Name Type Required Description
Returned status code code string(32) Yes For more information, see the returned status code description below.
Returned message message string(256) No Returned message, which presents the cause of the error.
Example:System error
    "code": "SYSTEM_ERROR",
    "message": "System failure"

Returned Status Code Description

HTTP status code code message Additional info
200 SUCCESS Processed successfully Processed successfully
200 NOT_NOTIFY_ANY_MORE The service was not successfully processed, but no further notification is required. Merchant system overload protection. This status code is returned when no further notification from WeChat Pay system is required. The merchant needs to confirm the status of order via the Query Order API.
204     204 HTTP status code. No specific content is required.
400 PARAM_ERROR Invalid parameter Invalid parameter
400 DECRYPT_ERROR Decryption failed Decryption failed
401 CHECK_SIGN_ERROR Signature verification failed Signature verification failed
429 FREQUENCY_LIMITED The rate limit is exceeded. The rate limit is exceeded.
500 BIZ_ERR_NEED_RETRY Service error. Try again. Service error. Try again.
500 SYSTEM_ERROR System failure System failure

Release notes

1.Refund Notification API released online

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