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Merchants can integrate with WeChat Pay directly or through local WeChat Pay institutional partners.


Each merchant can enter into an agreement with an institution which partners with WeChat Pay.
The merchant doesn't have to develop any of their own technological solutions.
The institution supports the merchant by providing access to WeChat Pay and transfers the funds settlement from WeChat Pay to the merchant.


  • Partner with an institution: Partner with a local institution and become its sub-merchant.
  • Receive Payments: Receive payments made by customers through WeChat Pay.
  • Marketing: Participate in WeChat Pay's campaigns with the marketing supports of WeChat Pay.


  • Merchants Audit: Check merchant qualifications and risks before partnering with a new merchant.
  • Aquire Services: Provide merchants with the technical and operational supports necessary to access to WeChat Pay.
  • Operational Support: Work with WeChat Pay to distribute POS materials and manage sub-merchants' transactions.
  • Funds Settlement:Transfer the funds settlement from WeChat Pay to merchants.

Application Process

  • 01

    Contact an Institution

    Contact one of WeChat Pay's local institution partners and ask about their acquiring services.

  • 02

    Enter into an Agreement

    Enter into an agreement with the institution to become its sub-merchant.

  • 03

    Access WeChat Pay

    Gain access to WeChat Pay through the institution's technical and operational support.

Contact a local institution to gain access to WeChat Pay.

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